So its race week and this sunday I am heading to Windsor for the 27th year the Royal Windsor Triathlon which is a one of the longest running races in the UK and a race I completed last year as part of my Team Macmillan Challenge.

As Zone3 are the swim sponsor I will be performing my ambassadorial duties on the Zone3 Stand for a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday to meet customers and give my experiences and recommendations for kit. I will also try to share some of my experiences with the new and nervous athletes to help calm them and get them focused for the race.

I am excited about this race as for the first time 2017 will see an amended bike course and a whole new run that takes athletes into the Royal Gardens, last year the run featured a long out and back along a dull road so I am very excited to see part of the royal estate and have something nice to look at.

Race Plan

As I mentioned in I completed the event on the old course in 2016 and posted the following times.

Swim: 30:07

T1: 8:57 (It’s a 500m run from the swim exit to T1!)

Bike: 1:29:06

T2: 3:15

Run: 56:17

Total Time: 3:07:42

The plan is to come sub 3 hrs this year and this is the race plan along with my strategy for nutrition. I am currently loading up on my trusty CurraNZ as they are a staple part of my training and race plans.


The swim is the same as 2016 and a lot depends on the current. The good news is the sun has been out so the water will be a little warmer and as I will be warmer should be a little faster.

The nutrition plan for the swim is to have a SIS Caffeine Shot before the race, this should take 30 mins for me to get the boost so I am looking at the last third of the swim to get the effect.


The bike as mentioned has changed since last year so I can’t make a direct comparison however the plan is to take the TT bike with Deep rims as the wind is predicted to be 4 mph from the south and it will be a warm and dry day.

The coach has instructed me to get my head down and ride the bike hard as I did in Slateman.

For nutrition I will have 2 x 750ml bottles with SIS Go Energy and a SIS Hydro Tab in to help combat the cramping I had in the last race. I will also be taking A SIS Go energy Gel at 30 min intervals.

2016 Bike Course

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 22.04.41

2017 Bike Course

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 22.08.15


Once off the bike it will be time to stretch the legs and settle into the run. Like I previously said I am excited about the new run course with some new views. The plan is to run a negative split so by the 5km mark the legs should be in full swing.

As its due to be a warm day I plan to take a bottle with a SIS Hydrotab to sip on along the run and help keep the heat at bay as I have struggled in the past with running in the heat.

2016 Run Course

2017 Run Course


All going well I should cross the line in the planned time and have a new course PB, I go get to have a nice cold Erdinger waiting for me 🙂

Whats Next

A week later I head to Cardiff to take on the Always Aim High Events Cardiff Triathlon that’s supported by Pedal Cover.

For those who have followed me will know I became an ambassador for Pedal Cover Insurance at the Slateman Triathlon so am stoked to be competing in the Cardiff Triathlon and have Darren and Jo watching me race.

I am also pleased to be able to say that the one and only Vicky Holland from Triathlon Fame will be on the Pedal Cover Stand so if you are registering for the Cardiff Triathlon on the saturday make sure you come over and say hi!




I am Alex, a novice triathlete based in the south west of the UK. I have been dabbling with sprint triathlons since the end of 2014 and I have to admit its been great fun but a lot of hard work, harder than I thought it would have been if I am honest. In 2015 I met Blair Davies of Blair Davies Coaching and I told him about the passion I have found for the sport and also my goals for the future, one day I would love to race in a GB tri suit in an age group race.

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