I don’t know about you but I when I started out in triathlon I used to pack everything and when I say everythign it was 2 of everything as a just in case, over the course of racing I have cut my list down and not just use the essentials, this is my list I use for each race with some additions for the newer athletes. Some races are quite snug in transition so a transition backpack or a couple of Kitbrix bags come in very handy.


The Bike

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Cycleing shoes if using.
  • Socks (optional)
  • Gilet (optional and if a cold day)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Arm warmers (optional and if a cold day)
  • Sunglasses
  • Bike computer (optional)
  • Bike Tools – Pump or CO2 inflation system, spare tube, patch kit, tire levers
  • Water bottles

The Run

  • Trainers
  • Socks (optional)
  • Hat or Visor (optional)
  • Sunglasses (optional)


  • Small towel (handy for drying feet and making your transition spot stand out)
  • Race belt, Race number and timing chip
  • Watch / Heart-rate monitor (optional)
  • Waterproof suncream
  • Race license or money for on the day license
  • Clothing for after the race

Whats your essential items to take into transition when you race? Leave a comment in the comments below.


I am Alex, a novice triathlete based in the south west of the UK. I have been dabbling with sprint triathlons since the end of 2014 and I have to admit its been great fun but a lot of hard work, harder than I thought it would have been if I am honest. In 2015 I met Blair Davies of Blair Davies Coaching and I told him about the passion I have found for the sport and also my goals for the future, one day I would love to race in a GB tri suit in an age group race.

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