Regular followers of my training will have seen that I currently use HUUB Aphotic googles for my pool and lake based activities but I have seen a number of athletes have switched to the Zoggs Predator Flex Titanium Reactor Goggles for their lake swims so when Zoggs asked me to give a set a try I jumped at the chance.

Who are the brand

Zoggs as brand started in Australia and are hailed as the creators of kit and accessories for swimmers by swimmers. From their small beginnings they have grown into a global swim brand and you now find them alongside the likes of Speedo and Finis.

What are the features

The Zoggs Predator Flex Titanium Reactor Goggles have photocromatic lenses which will adjust to changing light conditions, have curved lenses to give you a wider view of vision and features soft Soft-Seal gaskets that mould to the contours of your face, giving a customised fit.

What are our initial thoughts

When the Googles arrived it was quite exciting. They came in a solid case that says quality from the outset. As you can use them for open water I was however disappointed not to find an external clip so you can attach to transition bags for use at the lake and in races.

The googles look great and when I put them off and made the strap adjustments they fitted on the face really well and I did not realise I had them on after a while. The uk weather has not been great so I tested the photocromatic aspect in the back garden when we had quick patch and sun and they do indeed change so work as they should.

I have used the googles 3 times in my pool sessions and I will say I am disappointed with the anti-fog. I have followed all the instructions and find within 5 minutes they fog up and I have to stop. wash out and and carry on for them to do the same within 5 minutes again. Each session I have had to switch to my HUUB googles which I have no issues with.

I shall be following up with Zoggs to see if there is something else I can do to stop the googles fogging up in the pool and will post my full review once we have a chance to get some time in the lake with them.

** UPDATE **

As you will imagine between this site and the posts i write on the Blair Davies Coaching site I spend plenty of time taking to brands about Ideas I have or discussing any issues I find when using or taking a look a various products and I have to say I am amazed at the speed and efficiency of the Zoggs team! its been less then 24hrs since this first look has been posted and they have already contacted me to see how my fogging issue has come about and given me some advice on how it can be resolved.

I have been advised when being used in a warm pool they suggest getting the goggles as close to body temperature as possible before use to prevent fogging and providing this is being done then there certainly shouldn’t be any fogging issue. A simple fix that I certainly had not considered but it makes sense. I shall be warming my googles before my next swim and can’t wait for fog free session!

Until next time its ciao for now.



I am Alex, a novice triathlete based in the south west of the UK. I have been dabbling with sprint triathlons since the end of 2014 and I have to admit its been great fun but a lot of hard work, harder than I thought it would have been if I am honest. In 2015 I met Blair Davies of Blair Davies Coaching and I told him about the passion I have found for the sport and also my goals for the future, one day I would love to race in a GB tri suit in an age group race.

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