As you will know I have been working with Blair Davies Coaching and my training has been going well but one area I need to improve is cycling. In the winter months its hard to get keep the motivation going when its wet, windy and cold outside so many of us turn to our turbo trainers so we can train and stat warm and dry. I love that I can just jump on the turbo and still train but it’s just not the same as cycling outside and its hard to actually train for specific events.

I was chatting to Andrew from Performance Cycles about this very issue and said to him it would be great to be able to train for specific races and be able to understand the course profile and terrain from the comfort of your own home during this bleak season and he said they have just started to stock the potential solution.

The Bkool Smart Pro + Simulator is a smart turbo trainer that can simulate any ride you want to do. In my case I am going to do a number of races this year that I can’t get to before hand to train on. With this in mind I have borrowed the Performance Cycles demo Bkool Smart Pro and my plan is to upload the GPX files for some of the races I will be taking part in this year. If all goes to plan I should be able to train for the specific route and terrain and feel the live feedback on the resistance that simulates the exact conditions of the race this helping me to get stronger and ready for the race all from the comfort of my own home.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some updates about the Bkool and also my experience using it. My final test will be to load and ride the Cotswold Classic Bike course and then go out and ride the actual course and post the comparisons.

Is the future of training for the bike segment? let me know your thoughts.


I am Alex, a novice triathlete based in the south west of the UK. I have been dabbling with sprint triathlons since the end of 2014 and I have to admit its been great fun but a lot of hard work, harder than I thought it would have been if I am honest. In 2015 I met Blair Davies of Blair Davies Coaching and I told him about the passion I have found for the sport and also my goals for the future, one day I would love to race in a GB tri suit in an age group race.

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